Another Apology??? Just Write

I need to begin with another apology.  It has been a crazy few weeks, we are closing out the school year and I have been working on trying to close up the media center for the summer.  Also I have been in the process of changing positions. Not to fear I am still handling the media center but I have moved to a middle school. Two actually. Yes I will be shuttling back and forth between two schools.  I am very excited, and very sad at the same time.  I have enjoyed my time at my current school, but I am looking forward to the new challenges ahead of me.

In leaving my current position I have some very fond memories of some of the students I have come across and have had the pleasure of assisting.  Particularly those who had some interesting research paper topics.

Student: “Miss, I need help.”

Me: “Yes, what can I do?”

Student: “I need a book on the Cuban mission.”

Me: “Cuban mission?”

Student: “Yeah the Cuban mission.”

Me: “Cuban mission?  What class is this for?”

Student: “History.”

Me: “Do you mean the Cuban Missile Crisis?”

Student: “No.  It’s definitely the Cuban mission.”

I spoke to the history teacher after and I told them to let me know how the student did.  Surprisingly enough, the student did well, after he came back down looking for information on the Cuban Missile Crisis.

My current position was a rewarding one, but I am looking forward to working with a younger grade level and showing them some of the interesting tools I have been sharing with you.

Speaking of which, we need some new posts.  I am going to put some finishing touches on some, and I will be again this week.  So keep those comments coming my loyal reader.


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