I must apologize

So I begin by saying I must apologize for not writing soon.  In order to make up for this I will be posting again tomorrow, something very cool and something I am certain that many teachers will use in their classroom.  Well something I think they will be using, whether or not you who are teachers do is another story.

Now with my apology out there I would like to take a minute and stand on a kinda soap box.  I am a librarian or media specialist (which ever you choose to call me), and unfortunately librarian/media specialist positions are being cut across the country from public schools.  In the wake of online databases, ebooks, and Google many believe the roll of a librarian/media specialist is no longer needed or should no longer be taken seriously.  I have even had close members of my inner circle wonder why librarians/media specialists are needed.  Allow me to explain a little bit more about my job.  I am not just a mere individual who sits in a room, tells kids to be quiet and check out books.  Yes I am in a room (usually running around helping numerous amounts of students).  Yes I am telling kids to be quiet (but only those who are decibels I feel are more in tune with rock concerts than the classroom…oh yes people the library is a classroom).  And yes I check out books to students and not just for pleasure, no I have done nonfiction books as well since after all students are doing research papers anyway.  But what else do I do?

Lets see.  I teach lessons.  what lessons? How to conduct research.  How to write a research paper.  How to use three different kind of educational databases.  How to evaluate websites.  Using different programs such as keynote, pages, and creating podcasts.  I have also TAUGHT TEACHERS!!!!  We educate students on how to conduct research yes, but we are also showing them how to be information and technology literate.  What does this mean?  Basically how to properly use the resources available to them; through keywords, evaluation.  Ultimately I am an aide to every teacher in the school.  I an a teacher to every student in the school.  Librarians/media specialists must stay ahead of the curve. We need to know what is being used in the classroom now, as well as what is going to be coming into the classroom the next day, month, year.

So as I continue on my rant here, positions are being eliminated across the country.  I would like you all to take a look at an article that was written on Huffingtonpost.com and just understand that this is a position that needs to be in the schools, and one that needs respected as a value participant in the learning environment.

BTW, music, art and dance teachers…I got your back too.  We can’t get rid of your positions either but this is a blog written by a librarian so my priorities are focused elsewhere at the moment. No offense.

Thank you all for supporting me.  I do greatly appreciate it! And look again tomorrow for what I think is a very cool application for classroom.



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