Opening Up to the Public

Ok so while I am putting the finishing touches on my next project I wanted to provide the opportunity for you, the public, to weigh in.  So lets see, what to talk about????

wait, I know!  BOOKS!!!! of course. I mean hello I am a librarian after all. Oh sorry media specialist.  So lets see, where to start with books?   Lets talk about a book I have just read. It is actually one that I did a prior post on (see movie poster).

Swamplandia is a YA novel written from the point of a view of a young girl and her older brother. Shifting between the two, we learn about the Bigtree family a Florida alligator wrestling family, the devastating lost of a valuable member of the family, a ghostly search for a lost sister with an odd bird caller, and an attempt to save the family business.  Ava the young girl idolizes her mother, Hiola a renowned wrestler, who faces a unfortnate fate.  After Hiola succumbs to cancer, the Bigtree family starts to unravel, starting with their patriarch.  Soon the family faces an even larger challenge, saving their beloved Swamplandia Wrestling Park, and getting their family back together.  Both Ava and her brother Kiwi have a plan to save their park and their family, how they go about doing it, are two very different paths.

I highly recommend either reading this or telling a younger family member or even student about it.  This is a solid read that young adults and adults with enjoy.

So why tell you about a book I recently read, well, cause I would like to know what you have just read.  So lets light up the chat board and tell me what you read or reading.  Expect more of these type posts during the summer time, since well I will be off. (so to say that to all of my non-teaching friends).  But please let me know what you reading so I might have things to read in the future.


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