Do You Know Parts of a Book?

Ok so stupid title for a posting, but do you?  Well here is a chance to see if you do.  Study Stack provides you with the opportunity to create flashcards online that you can use in the classroom, or link to websites for students to view at home.  But how it differs from normal flashcards?  Well once you create the flashcards, Study Stack intergrates the information into a series of interactive games such as a crossword, scrabble, matching game, and hangman.  Each of these games helps reinforce the information the students are learning on the flashcards.

I showed this site to a fellow librarian (one of the best ones actually) and she used them in her review of the Dewey System with her fifth and sixth grade classes.  Students, teachers and parents will find a useful way to incorporate Study Stack into their learning environment.

Check out the link to view one that I created recently.

Flashcards about Parts of a Book.


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