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So I must begin by saying that I am in the middle of a very good book, one that I will discuss in the next few days and ask for you (my readers. if there are any of you) to give me some that you have recently read or are currently reading.  But that is for another post. This post is about books that find their way to the big screen.  This is a post in two parts.

1) I enjoy movies and I enjoy books. So when I hear that a book will be made into a movie I get, scared.  I have seen too many movies made from books where the movie ends up destroying the story, particularly the endings (yes I am looking at you My Sister’s Keeper).  Or where they stray so far from the original plot that it doesn’t even seem like the same story.  Or even when the movie executives pick and choose which parts of book are worth keeping and which ones are allowed to be tossed aside as though they bring nothing to the table.  This angers me and makes me wonder that, if someone thought that said book was a good enough to put on-screen than why not leave it as it should be and allow the “real” story its chance to be seen.  There are a few movies stemming from a book that have done that book justice, but they are coming few and far between as of late.  I have high hopes for Water for Elephants and  The Help, but I will just have to wait I guess.

now on to…

2) I started this post with the intention of showing you a wonderful application that will make genre studies, author studies, and book reports a little more interesting.  With so many children and YA books finding their way to big screen why not have the readers (aka your students) create a movie poster for said books, or any book they have recently read.  This program would not only work for book reports, but how about a history lesson on a famous individual or event.  Science and Math teachers you might enjoy this as well, I will admit I am not entirely sure how, but hey I giving you a new program to use so let your creative mind take flight.

I have created one poster to give you an idea of what you can do with it.

This is just a small one I was able to create. But I highly recommend you trying this out. Even for your own pictures this is a fun one to play around with.


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