Timelines in a New Way

So I have been having to help a lot of students create timelines recently.   And it got me thinking, time lines can look the same.  A straight line, with text filled boxes, and sometimes the occasional pictures.  Why not make them a little more interactive or more visual.  Well folks, allow me to introduce you to Timetoast.

Timetoast is a fun way to create timelines for any subject.  History classes will find it beneficial when working on projects about the decades or wars or even the rise of a Presidency.  Science classes should not shy away because timelines will help when tracking the progression of a disease (ex. Aids).  Math teachers please do not turn and run, Timetoast can be used in your subject as well.  Biographies of famous mathematicians can help explain how they came to create their theorems.  And well, Language Arts teachers, let’s see where to begin.  Author studies just got more interesting. Events in novels have become more realistic.  Character biographies are more visual. And on, and on, and on.

The example I created is a timeline for J.K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter series.  (for you who have been living under a rock, Harry Potter is boy wizard who has to go through a few terrible and tragic events; but has managed to survive).

You can use the following link to view the timeline a little more closely and even browse other timelines that educators and viewers alike have created.


I hope you find some interesting things to do with this.


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