A What-le?

What exactly is a wordle?  A wordle is a free program that creates a word cloud.  A word cloud is a way to showcase vocabulary and frequently used words in text and other sources.  I have created one for your to see what I mean.

By reading the text provided, can you tell what famous book I am writing about?  If you didn’t figure it out  allow me to tell you.

It is To Kill a Mockingbird.

A wordle allows you to change layouts, type font and color to make eye-catching designs.  This program isn’t one that just language arts teachers can use, it is perfect for history, science and even math.  I really love the way it allows the creator to add or limit as many words as they want.  This is a free service and you are can take a picture of it and print them out to display around your room, post it on a website, or even place in a presentation (like a PREZI!).  I highly recommend playing with this and seeing what you and your students come up with.



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