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A What-le?

What exactly is a wordle?  A wordle is a free program that creates a word cloud.  A word cloud is a way to showcase vocabulary and frequently used words in text and other sources.  I have created one for your to see what I mean.

By reading the text provided, can you tell what famous book I am writing about?  If you didn’t figure it out  allow me to tell you.

It is To Kill a Mockingbird.

A wordle allows you to change layouts, type font and color to make eye-catching designs.  This program isn’t one that just language arts teachers can use, it is perfect for history, science and even math.  I really love the way it allows the creator to add or limit as many words as they want.  This is a free service and you are can take a picture of it and print them out to display around your room, post it on a website, or even place in a presentation (like a PREZI!).  I highly recommend playing with this and seeing what you and your students come up with.


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And we now present you…PREZI

After working for as long as I have,  I have seen a lot of presentations. Some very fun others, long, dull and (yawn) boring.  Every presentation is typically the same standard look.  Speaker standing in the front, with a powerpoint or a keynote slide show behind them.  Now occasionally they add music, or videos, or other multi-media elements.  But it is still so…blah.  So if this is what I think, imagine what students must be thinking when they are watching a standard presentation.

That is why I was thrilled when I found this amazing presentation site called Prezi.  This is an interactive presentation site that allows you to float around large pages, zoom in and out, add images, sound and videos.  It is such a fun site that when I used it during one of my lessons, the normally blank faces I see staring up at me, were moving in closer to see what was going on.  This site is easy to use and actually has several already created Prezis for you to view and learn some of the tricks that will help make your presentation a more vibrant vehicle. Students can also show their creative side through Prezi as well.  It is an easy tool that any level of computer expert can use.

To give you a sense here is one that I created.

Just follow the link to see it in action:

So if you are looking for a way to make your next presentation or lesson POP here is the one for you.

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Let’s Get Started

So a very wise friend once told me

“If you don’t want anyone to know what you are thinking, don’t put it in writing.”

Very sound advice. But I want people to know what I am thinking, especially when it is about something I love. Which for me is the written word.  I have always had a strong connection to books and reading. It was and remains a very large part of my life.  So much so that I became a school librarian…sorry media specialist (I go by both).

Now I know that everyone is racing to get the new eReaders and iPads (heck my husband wants one).  And I totally see the appeal, however, I am a book person.  I love holding a book, and feeling the pages.  I can get lost in one.  But I understand that we are in the age of technology, and I have embraced it.  Which brings me to why this blog was created.

There are many blogs out there that talk about books.  Many that talk about technology.  What I am hoping to do, is talk about both and how I can bring these two together, in a fun and educational way.

So please be on the look out for what I hope to be interesting posts.  If you like it…comment.  If you hate it…comment.  I would love to hear from everyone.

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